Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Amazing Morel Mushrooms in August in Baltimore

When's the last time you saw morels like this in Baltimore in August for fifteen bucks? That large one's five inches long, big as I've ever seen.

"This is the last of them," Ferial Welsh told me at The Mushroom Stand this past Sunday at Baltimore's Downtown Farmers Market. As far as I'd ever known, the morels were gone by the end of May. Apparently that's not the case in Oregon, where these came from. Last week the Mushroom Stand had fresh truffles from France with some fairly large ones going for $25. Maybe they had truffles this week as well, but not needing any, I didn't ask. Business was humming, and I didn't want to distract.

Knowing how to cook morels is extremely important. It's really quite simple as long as you keep them dry. Best to slice them in rounds about 1/3 inch thick and then simmer them in table cream until the cream thickens. Whatever you do, don't saute morels, as that robs them of their distinctive and delicious flavor. Properly prepared, fresh morels are a true delicasy.