Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming on Harford Road this Fall: The Parkside Fine Food & Spirits

This is what 4709 Harford Road looks like right now, but not for long. By early fall, The Parkside Fine Foods & Spirits will fill the 5,000square foot space where in recent months Cameo Lounge evolved into a blight on a neighborhood deserving better: much better. The Parkside's concept encompasses a restaurant, a delicatessan, and a bakery, as well as a an upscale bar and cocktail lounge adjoined by a childrens' play area. Its partners are Chris Cashell, his wife Colleen Cashell, and Vickie Johnson, all who met and cut their teeth at the Brewers Art.

Chris was the Brewer's Art's brewer. He will be in charge of The Parkside's bar where frequent beer/wine tastings and pairings are anticipated. All the spirits will all be high end. Present thinking is one brand for each individual liquor. The gin will be Boodles.

Colleen's cooking and baking skills will extend from the main kitchen to full responsibility for The Parkside's on-premises bakery. Vickie will oversee a deli component that will roast and smoke its own meats.

"The green thing: reuse, recycle, and repurpose," are Vickie's words describing the theme." Decor and and color scheme will complement The Parkside's logo. Expect the menu to offer a bit of history and education in addition to offerings of Amercian and European fare plus a few international items Vickie says "aren't seen that much." A childrens' menu is also planned.

I asked Vicki, a resident of Medfield, why this location? "Hamilton's the next neighborhood to take off," she answered. "Chris and Colleen love living over there, and they want a neighborhood hangout." For sure The Parkside will be a very different kind of hangout from what was here less than two years earlier. In these tough times for the industry, increasing numbers of new and interesting restaurants are blossoming along Harford Road through Hamilton and Lauraville. By all accounts it's a welcome dynamic.