Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Return to Martick's

Happily, the story on Martick's hasn't changed much from since our March 24, 2006 post. Morris Martick will be 85 next month. As of Thursday night last week, all was pretty much the same except that building's exterior has continued to picturesquely deteriorate, and instead of ringing a bell outside to gain admittance, a sign now requests that one "knock hard."

The main thing is that his food is every bit as delicious if not better than ever. Pictured at right is my rack of lamb. Just as good was my companion's bouillabaise. No less an attraction, however, was to revel in the atmosphere. Things only got better when Morris came downstairs from where he both cooks and lives to reminisce about old times and update their threads to the present.

When he says he'd like to sell the place and move on, you know it's not going to happen. Yet, who knows for how much longer Baltimore is going to have this treasure? While it deserves to be packed every night, that's no more likely than it would be for Morris to relinquish his duties as chief cook and bottle washer. For this reason, reservations are highly recommended, best at least a day in advance. To make them, call 410-752-5155.