Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fresh Anchovy Ceviche

As this is written, I’m also in the middle of putting together a post about two off-the-charts restaurants in San Francisco. However, Rachael Ray interrupted it all tonight by airing a Tasty Travels piece about Baltimore on the Food Network Channel. So now, I’m in the middle of a post about that as well. Meanwhile, dinner hour came and went. What’s pictured above was tonight’s fare.

When at Mastellone's to purchase a pound of figs and some prosciutto to wrap them in, Mrs. Yi spotted some particularly attractive marinated fresh anchovies and brought them home to me as a present. Although she’s not much of an anchovy aficionado herself, Mrs. Yi is aware of my penchant for them, and she knew that tonight she’d be dining elsewhere.

I got the recipe from iCeviche by Guillermo Pernot with Aliza Green, Running Press Book Publishers, Philadelphia, 2001. It's been in my library for quite a while, although only recently have I explored it in much depth. In the interest of promoting what for me at the moment is the "mother of all ceviche cookbooks," I could probably get away with posting this one recipe. It’s just that the book has so many I haven’t tried yet. For instance:

 Salmon Ceviche with Pink Peppercorns
 Peruvian Style Sea Trout Ceviche
 Oyster Ceviche with English Cucumber Salad
 Tahitian Style Abalone Ceviche---sometimes available fresh at Han Au Reun
 Lobster and Vanilla Bean Ceviche

You get the picture. Stay tuned. Next post will be about Rachael Ray's Baltimore show, and it will be up within less than 24 hours.