Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tomato Surprise and off to the Fancy Food Show

With those wonderful beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes about to be in season and before hopping a train tomorrow morning to New York to the International Fancy Food Show, I wanted to post a relevant recipe.

It is from a sheath of pages that were once part of a binder type cookbook that my Mom had. I can't be certain, but believe it was a collection of recipes contributed by parisioners of St. Thomas Church in Owings Mills, Maryland. Regardless, the credit for Tomato Surprise is given to Mrs. Harold Xanders.

I've been fixing it for years as a personal favorite seasonal luncheon dish, and it's a pleasure to share it here:


large bread rounds, toasted on one side
anchovy paste
black caviar---what kind depends on your pocketbook. Cheap lumpfish will work.
slices of beefsteak or preferably beefsteak heirloom tomatoes
grated hard boiled egg

Spread bread (on untoasted side) thinly with anchovy paste. Top with a tomato slice which has been spread with caviar. Cover completely with mayonnaise; then top with grated egg. Serve on individual plates.

Almost for certain, our next post will relate to what's happening at the 52nd annual International Fancy Food Show produced by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. It happens July 9-11 in the Javits Convention Center in New York City.