Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coming Your Way Soon: Frequent Podcasts

No, you won't need an Ipod to listen to the the Unique Culinary Adventures podcasts that will be coming your way in less than a week as we expand our forum. Time spent learning podcasting technology has distracted us from posting here the last couple of days. The good news is that i-Tunes has agreed to add Unique Culinary Adventures to its podcast directory. Just about all the wrinkles---all of them ours, not theirs--- have been ironed out. The Unique Culinary Adventures podcasts will be at least as frequent as written posts to this site. Sometimes, but not often, they will relate to what's posted here. Our podcasts will be short and with a Baltimore perspective. When not specifically about Baltimore's culinary scene, most likely they will be about what we perceive that Baltimore lacks and where you can go to find it. Stay tuned.


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