Thursday, May 18, 2006

Going to New York: WD-50, 5Ninth

By the time your read this, Mrs. Yi and I will be enroute to New York. Tomorrow night we have reservations for dinner at WD-50 at 50 Clinton Street on the Lower East Side. New York Magazine gave it four stars and rated it the fourth best restaurant in New York, behind Le Bernardin, Masa, and Per Se. They credit WD-50 with "some of the most cutting-edge cooking in New York or anywhere else." To see their menu, go here:

Who knows whether the menu will be the same tomorrow night, May 19, 2006? If it is, I look forward to ordering two appetizers: First will be the pickled beef tongue, fried mayonnaise,onion streusel...; second will be the Foie gras, watermelon, pistachio, sea bean, lovage... As a main course, I'm leaning toward Skate, eggplant-raisin puree, king oyster mushroom, fried rice...

Then on Saturday night, May 20, we're booked at 5Ninth at ---you guessed it---in the Meatpacking District. To see their menu, go here:

Once again on the assumption the menu will be the same as above at 5Ninth, as an appetizer, I'm looking forward to Berkshire Pork Belly, crispy and glazed garlic chili paste, candied lime zest. My main dish will be Cod, lightly poached, Szechuan caramel, fried catfish, kaffir lime, squid tempura.

And while we're at it, I thought you might be interested in checking out the cocktail menu at 5Ninth. Needless to say, Mrs. Yi and I will get through at least five or six of them between us To see the cocktail menu at 5Ninth, go here:

Meanwhile, the post originally scheduled for this weekend, which was to be "Keeping Ribs Simple," has been put on the backburner for at least two weeks. The next post to Unique Culinary Adventures wont likely be until Monday, May 22, or Tuesday, May 23, and you know what it will be about.


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