Monday, April 30, 2007

Jazzfest Soft-Shell Crawfish

Aside from the music, I also rate the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival as my favorite fast-food emporium. Of the hundreds of fresh and often exotic delights you can grab there usually for about $5.00, soft-shell crawfish topped my list this year. What you see is actually one of six that were plucked from an $8.00 soft-shell crawfish po-boy. For me, the roll and sauce were afterthoughts even though they were good.

I write from a Chattanooga, Tennessee motel room on my way home from the first weekend of Jazzfest 2007. Music has always been my primary reason for making the pilgrimage to Jazzfest for all but just a couple of the past 20 years. You can access photos of musicians ranging from Van Morrison to Jerry Lee Lewis at my flickr site . While the lineup of musicians at Jazzfest differs varies from year to year, the food, plus or minus one or two items, remains pretty much constant.

Over the years, I've probably tried most everything at least once. This year I spent nearly as much time going up to people at the concessions and sticking my camera into their food as I did consuming my own goodies. Stay tuned for more.