Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Frogs Legs at the Frog House in Bethany Beach

Unlike most places to eat in Bethany Beach, Delaware, the Frog House Family Restaurant at 116 Garfield Parkway was open for business at lunchtime on the Monday prior to Memorial Day weekend.

By all appearances, including a specials chalkboard that offered only a hot turkey sandwich, the Frog House hardly seemed like a Unique Culinary Adventures kind of spot. A nice waitress presented us with exactly the kind of menu we were expecting---albeit with one very notable exception, which of course I ordered. The exception was a $6.95 side order of deep fried frogs legs that arrived as pictured above except for the lemon wedge garnish I extracted from Mrs. Yi's and my iced tea. They were cooked to perfection and encased in delicately seasoned bread crumbs that were pleasantly crisp yet firm enough to prevent moisture from escaping. The sauce served on the side in a cup was similarly wonderful, and subtly unique. I cannot imagine how either a first rate remoulade or tartar sauce could have made a better accompaniment.

Upon leaving, I asked the cashier about my frogs legs. She explained that their presence on the menu resulted from a decision to offer them that was made more than a decade ago when the restaurant received its name.



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