Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Healthy Gourmand and Long Road Trips

The picture hardly relates to what Unique Culinary Adventures is about. Rather, it's a means to an end. About to hit the road for another three week motor trip across and around the country, I'm following up on the second of the two most recent podcasts to which this site is linked. The first was about my everyday means for staying fit, trim, and healthy without having to sacrifice certain culinary experiences and delights that could pose a conflict. The second podcast was about adapting the related techniques to frequent long motor trips where time and other considerations demand adjustments. Here's how I pull it off:

When on the road or otherwise adhering to a breakneck schedule, breakfast is typically a zone bar and/or some fruit, and coffee. Lunch becomes no less a quick fix for sustenance and nutrition. Of all places, I've come to rely on McDonalds as the ticket. Its side salad, which is pictured above, costs but a dollar and is accompanied by a choice of numerous Paul Newman's dressings, a couple of which are lo-cal. The dressing in the picture has but 2.5 grams of fat and only 60 calories. Additionally, I go for McDonald's "lunch size fruit and walnut salad," which costs $1.85. It features red apples, green apples, grapes, and a few sweet and salty walnuts along with vanilla yogurt.

For exercise, I make a point of stopping at the most interesting park, trail, town, or city that's along my route for a brisk and always enjoyable 45 minute walk. Should weather conditions or other circumstances interfere, I'll be sure to spend the night where there's an exercise room.
A trusty Ipod assures freedom from boredom during the workout.

My reward for all this---in addition to feeling better and more energetic than otherwise---is dinner. Whenever possible, my itinerary is planned to assure ending up or least passing through where there's a really good restaurant. Best case is a place that's renowned or special. Worst case is a Texas Roadhouse or Olive Garden should time not permit venturing away from an Interstate.

Plan your long road trips in such a fashion, and I'm almost certain you'll enjoy them more.


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