Friday, September 15, 2006

High-end Dining in Vancouver, BC

Two days is insufficient for reaching an understanding about the dining scene of a city on the scale of Vancouver, British Columbia. However, in two days I was able to reach three conclusions.

Some people and publications herald Vancouver as the most cosmopolitan and livable city on the American continent, and I was certainly impressed with it. As for its dining scene, my experiences at “C” and “West,” two of this city’s most acclaimed high-end restaurants, led me to two of my three conclusions. The first related to price, the second to proportion.

In terms of being pricey, a great dish is worth it to me, likewise a great meal. As for proportion, I’m a small plate guy to the point of resenting dining experiences that call for greater than moderate consumption. In other words, high prices and small portions are the ticket as long as they’re commensurate with my perception of value. In Vancouver, they weren’t. If like me you prefer to graze on appetizers, look out.

If that sounds like a pan, the third conclusion, which I reached upon returning to Baltimore, was more positive. The web sites of “C” and “West” impressed me more than any other restaurant web sites I’ve ever visited. If you visit them, I suspect that you’ll like what you see, and what you see is what you’ll get.

Check out the web sites of both restaurants and decide for yourself: