Sunday, September 03, 2006

San Francisco's Ferry Terminal Farmers Market

Caviar served like this for a snack at a farmers market? You betcha! While at our local farmers markets here in Baltimore, where a photograph of wheatgrass or eggrolls would be notable, this is what it's come to at San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal Farmers Market. Dishing up the treats was San Francisco's Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, LLC. Of their seven varieties of American caviar pictured above, my favorites were the paddlefish sturgeon, the truffled whitefish, and the golden pearl trout.

Is each sample you see above really caviar? Used by itself, the word “caviar” limits its application to the eggs of sturgeon. However when joined with the name of a different species of fish, the terminology becomes correct. To learn more about caviar and Tsar Nicoulai ---or to order their products---click here:

Of course, a farmers market doesn’t have to be going on in order for you to purchase caviar from Tsar Nicoulai, whose shop/cafe is but one of many ongoing culinary attractions inside the Ferry Terminal building. It’s just that on Saturday mornings, when the farmers market action expands everything out the doors and all the way down to the water, you can experience the most excitement.

From a culinary standpoint, San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal Farmers Market is the kind of scene where “every picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s also the kind of scene that’s worth a thousand pictures. To see just a few such pictures, go here: