Saturday, September 02, 2006


At the moment, I'm embarrassed that readers with feeds to Unique Culinary Adventures have received posts where my “final edit” proved not to be as final as it should have been. Time and time again, in haste, I’ve published posts that should have saved as drafts---at least until I’d read them out loud. The most recent example is the post that immediately preceded this one:
Because of its length, I was up until 2am yesterday morning writing it. After so many hours, I refused to accept that reading it over once more was necessary. So I published the piece and went to bed. Upon awakening, Mrs. Yi informed me that it was full of typos. They’re corrected now, and for better or worse, this story about the first leg of my motor trip around North America reads as it was intended to read. In the future, I pledge to give that final read priority over self-imposed deadlines.


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