Sunday, April 16, 2006

Quail Grilled with Pancetta at Weidmann's in Meridian, MS

Wish I still had my outdated Southeast U.S. travel guides. They certainly would have been helpful to me in describing the original Weidmann's in Meridian, Mississippi. I stopped there eleven years ago, just passing through. From I-20, Meridian always was and continues to be an inviting stop. The best place to eat always was and continues to be Weidmann's. Rightly referred to as "world famous," the original Weidmann's was distinguished by a lengthy lunch counter, long local menu, ubiquitous memorabilia, and unique people-watching.

Though actively modernizing, Much of downtown Meridian retains an unspoiled appearance. It's fun to walk around with a camera here. For what we're talking about, look here:

That walk at first led me to believe that Weidmann's was no longer. I did see the name Weidmann's on a sign, but didn't recognize the location. New owners had gutted the building and remodeled it beyond any semblance of its past life. Out of curiosity, I followed in two young ladies. The adjoining bar/lounge and restaurant inside were as attractively contemporary as the original Weidman's was the revered relic of a bygone era. Prices, however, were agreeable. At $12.00, my Grilled Georgia Quail with pancetta, roasted shittakes,and sage over baby spinach was a relatively expensive choice. Not just my meal, but every aspect of my experience at the new Weidmann's, was first rate. The owners took on what had to have been a controversial project and ended up doing a great job in every respect. May Weidmann's continue to be one of Meridian Mississippi's major drawing cards and attractions.


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