Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jack Link's First From the Road Link

To resort to something like this is to be hectic. So much for commencement of my recent drive to New Orleans for a family wedding. Like on so many past trips, I ended up driving south through Virginia on I-81, wishing the time had been available to have taken the Skyline drive instead. Well past Woodstock, it was time to stop for gas. The convenience store at the gas station had a snack that was new to me: JACK LINK'S PREMIUM CUTS, KC Masterpiece, BARBECUE PORK, SLOW COOKED, NATURALLY SMOKED AND DRIED. Except for concern over aging teeth, I would have preferred a bag of tough and chewy beef jerky any day. However, for a dried meat type product that attempts to mimic something that can’t be otherwise packaged for travel and claims to be 96 per cent fat free, I'm sure I could have done worse. At least, along with a can of blueberry tea, it was nourishment enough for me to make it another 300 miles to Asheville, North Carolina in time to scope out every restaurant in the downtown area. As a result, I was able to come up with what I’m sure was the best choice for enjoying a fine dinner. More on that tomorrow.


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