Friday, April 14, 2006

Asheville to Wait. Tech.Problems

Apologies for stretching another day. We are experiencing technology problems compounded by service company employees and affiliated independent contractors, all eager to leave for holiday. Coming up will be an Asheville story, a Meridian, Mississippi story, and a New Orleans story from Galatoire's. Tonight we're cooking shad roe, excited about what we're learning, and looking forward to sharing it once confirmed and down pat. To soothe technology frustrations, we mixed a potent drink, Deep Sea Diver inspired. It's the last thing a deep sea diver should drink the night before. Look for it soon along with the following:

Shad roe: the best basic cooking methods
Puerto Rican Pigs Feet
Shrimp Remoulade the Galatoire's way
Whole baked rockfish
The best lobster or crab salad you'll ever taste
Ethiopian Rack of Lamb
Snake meat? We're working on it.
New and overlooked perspectives relating to dining in Baltimore

Peace and cheers and have a happy holiday. Whatever your faith or spiritual orientation, a meaningful culinary dimension is likely part of it, just as it is for springtime everywhere.


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